Novel Solutions


Ms-Sealant provides a static seal between existing / damaged wellhead / valve stem sealing areas. Deployed as a fluid, against pressure if required, KCI sealants convert to a resilient self-bonding, pressure-energised solid but flexible material to re-establish a pressure retaining barrier without shrinkage.

  • Wellhead pack off
  • Gasket, lockdown bolt
  • Valve stem seal (ball and gate)
  • Tubing and well abandonment
  • Flanges, Clamps
  • High temperature zones
  • Subsea applications
  • Large volume isolations
Features and Advantages:
  • Deployed as a fluid and converts to a solid
  • Excellent bonding properties
  • Wide temperature range
  • Inert to most acids and typical well fluids
  • Can be sheared for removal