Novel Solutions


KCI advanced Isolation Barrier Systems are Ideal for mature ageing platform wells. Deployed as a fluid, they conform to a gel to provide a seal / barrier in leaking ball or gate valves and to enable installation of well intervention equipment.

KCI also manufactures IBS gel pigs which are formed in line, allowing the pigs to expand and contract as they travel through and conform to the ID of the pipe. IBS gel pigs are ideal for dewatering, degreasing and debris removal.

  • Isolating SWAB, UMV and LMV
  • Large ball valve isolations
  • Pipeline isolations
  • Pigging applications
  • Alternative to Ice plug
Features and Advantages:
  • Deployed as a fluid and converts to a flexible, self energising material
  • Can be broken back down to a fluid and flushed out or pigged out
  • Used in dry or fluid filled applications
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical isolations